1300 Numbers - Critical Information Summary

Information about the Service

The 1300 number in Australia is a service which accepts inbound calls for your business, diverts the call on to an answer point of your choice and allows for you to pay for your customer's call. They are a great choice for a business who has a lot of local customers because of the free call time on local calls (see below for more information also). The 1300 number can be activated as an independent service or, alternatively, bundled together with other Ozetel services such as the Live Answering or Fax to Email services.

Ozetel has no contractual terms OR set up fees for the 1300 number service. Here are our inclusions;

FREE IVR Keypress Menu
image description
FREE Voice to Email
image description
FREE Whisper Alert Mode
image description
FREE Call Queue Group
image description
FREE Sound File Control
image description
FREE State Based Routing
image description
FREE Regional Routing
image description
FREE Unlimited Overflows
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*Call the Ozetel team for more information on 1300 OZETEL (693835).

Information About Pricing

The following are the current plan structures and rates per minute are charged in one second increments (all prices are GST Exclusive);

Local 7c p/min
National 9c p/min
Mobile 11c p/min
Mobile Answer 20c p/min
VoIP Extension 7c p/min

Minimum Monthly Charges

Total cost, $15

Terminations: There are no penalties for terminations, we simply invoice the month the service is cancelled as the final month (see minimum charges mentioned above).

Other Information

View usage on all services to assist with ongoing costs via the Ozetel MyAccount Portal Note: The green login button at the top of every page, will give you access to this control panel.

In addition, you can estimate 1300 charges by entering your budgeted calls into the 1300/1800 Usage Calculator

Contact Information

The Ozetel team are always available to assist with questions or problems that may arise. Please see our Complaint Resolution subsection on this Consumer Code Page or contact the Ozetel Team.

As a registered member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), we encourage our clients to familiarise themselves with facilities and processes available to them within the TIO organisational structure. They exist to resolve problems between the telco provider and the consumer as a next option in the unlikely event that the Ozetel team are unable to.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)
a: PO Box 276 Collins Street West Vic 8007
p: 1800 062 058
f: 1800 630 614
0: Online Complaint Application