Billing Solutions
The Telco billing process can be a very complex system with the multitude of call types existing. Ozetel has created access to their billing platform to allow invoicing to clients, specifically in the use of the multi routing services such as Postcode Prompter and Voice Recognition.

Ozetel we issue the telephony invoicing to your clients on your behalf when they are clients of Ozetel and allow these businesses to have access to the reporting platforms and customer portal managements. It is a great add-on which will make your business model more efficient and effective.
Common FAQ's
Ozetel has it's own in-house billing platform, being constantly developed.

During the development of routing solutions like Postcode Prompters and Voice Recognition, we had a strong demand from franchisors to be able to bill call charges to each store.

As a result, we enhanced the billing platform to allow YOU to use it!

Ozetel can create invoices, collect money and provide dishonour notifications on your behalf allowing franchisors and Phoneword owners to concentrate on what they do well!

  • Save Money. There is no need to spend thousands on a billing system or labour hours, let us use our purpose built telecommunciations platform to do that for you,
  • Distribute Costs. Call charges and other recurring costs can be allocated to the correct cost centre via Individual Billing,
  • Customer Satisfaction. Each of your stores will access to the Ozetel customer login platforms for reporting information in addition to contact with the Ozetel expert team.
  • Call Charges. Ozetel will charge each store for calls they have received at a discounted rate,
  • Monthly Charges in Trust. Recurring fees to be charged monthly by business owners, can also be inserted into the billing. This may be a monthly franchise fee or a license fee for Phoneword owners for example. Ozetel will collect these funds and pay successful drawings back to you,
  • Reporting. The Ozetel My Account login will keep each of your end users informed about their call traffic and other charges.
  • Dishonours. We have a fully automated system to notify and chase dishonoured payments,
  • Franchises. They will often have a billing system for franchise elements, but require a telecommunications system.
  • Phoneword Owners. 1300 or 1800 Numbers can be broken up into multiple licenses on many levels including state, regional, postcode or suburb. The Ozetel billing solutions will bring this model to life in a cost effective way.