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Landing a 1300/1800 number to VoIP

One of the more frequent questions we are asked at Ozetel in relation to 1300 Numbers or 1800 Numbers in Australia, is whether the numbers can be landed to a VoIP service.

The answer is yes.

If the VoIP line that you have also has a phone number attached to it (and this will generally always be the case for most businesses) then that will mean it can be called by any phone service. If that is the case, then it also means that you can land a 1300 or 1800 to that same VoIP service number.

It is no different to a fixed line phone number. And for that reason, when you are looking at pricing of the 1300 or 1800 you will need to refer to the call charges relevant to landing calls to a "fixed answer point".

So when will the call from my 1300 or 1800 be deemed a local call versus a national call? That is a very good question because the game changes a little bit. The geography of VoIP service numbers are based on where the hardware is located by your VoIP service provider. If the hardware or network is located in Sydney and you are therefore issued with an 02 prefix number, then Sydney is where your phone number is considered to be. Local calls as defined by the 1300 or 1800 call costs will be if the caller is (roughly) within 50kms radius of that server hardware in Sydney. Anything else, will be a national call cost.

One of the great benefits of using a VoIP service is often the providers of those lines will allow you to have free transfer of calls to a mobile line also held with them or have built in digital services for free like message banks. It can be a cost saving to businesses looking to ensure the cheapest set up. The downside is where a business does not ensure the quality of service on their internet connection as this can make the VoIP service inferior to a copper line service. Latency and drop outs on a VoIP line can be a very bad thing for presenting a professional face to your market.

We do know this can be a very confusing area of the 1300 or 1800 numbers definitions so please feel free to contact the Ozetel team if you need more clarification or have more questions.

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