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NBN Ready

The Australian government made the life-changing announcement in 2009 when it revealed plans to construct a national data network that would serve both homes and businesses in Australia. Dubbed NBN (National Broadband Network) and overseen by NBN Co, the rollout is projected to be completed in a little over 10 years time or thereabouts.

NBN has attracted controversy over the years since its announcement, with some even opposing the move, but make no mistake, it is here for good. Being one of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects, it is being labelled the 21st century equivalent of the modern road and power grid system. A mammoth digital backbone that will anchor communications networks in Australia.

For small business owners, there are, but of course, several benefits you can derive from this nouveau development. For small businesses, this, this might prove the game changer.

How your Small Business can Benefit from NBN

What will sell the NBN is its astounding Internet speeds, up to 1Gbps download speed. Think of what you can do with this! Everything online pertaining to your business will no doubt improve – accessing online services, transmission of files, ecommerce, communication with staff and clients, you name it.

With the implementation of the network, here are some of the benefits your business might realise:

High-speed Internet

Super-fast Internet access was only the preserve of large business mainly due to the cost and resources needed to put it into place. This is no longer the case and with NBN, you can improve many aspects of your business related to online communication – email, transmitting, downloading and accessing files online, video-conferencing, VoIP apps, just to cite a few examples.

NBN will also improve the efficiency and speed of international communication. Seize advantage of this cutting-edge technology to move your business online and link with clients and partners in a new way. Consider introducing cloud computing which will make collaboration between multiple sites easier.

Economical for rural businesses

Businesses that are set to benefit the most are those located in rural and remote regions. Accessibility will improve and their Internet speeds will be faster at a much cheaper price. With the pricing being same across the land, businesses outside the major metropolitan areas will not pay significantly higher prices for Internet as is the case with the current system.

Retail operations will be more efficient

NBN will serve as a faster, more efficient online storefront for retailers. Online shopping in Australia is proliferating and traditional retailers should grab this chance and consider online business one of their components. Moreover, online retailers will get to enjoy their online shopping experience as a result of the bandwidth boost.


You can monitor your business not only from home but also from across multiple locations and remain connected to customers, office, staff, suppliers and systems too.

Increased international competitive edge

Many developed countries offer fast Internet at low costs and with the NBN establishment already being rolled out, Australian businesses, not necessarily large companies, will be in a better position to compete against those from other countries. International customers will be able to gain access to your sites much faster, sending and receiving of files will be much quicker and the cost of international communication in terms of price and time will be greatly cut down.

Last Word

Australia is set to become a top five Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development country by the year 2020. This is with regard to the portion of businesses and non-profit organisations making use of online opportunities to expand their customer base, improve on productivity and enable growth in jobs.
The NBN will allow more Australian small and regional businesses, as well as non-profit organisations, to compete in the global marketplace due to its high-speed, more reliable broadband network.

And with NBN Co recently announcing that it will be releasing access plans designed specifically for small businesses, implying that SMEs will now get high-speed Internet at a lower-cost offering, it can’t get better than this.

Check out if you are able to get the NBN in your area now! NBN Roll Out Map

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