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Ozetel Availability

One of the most important things we keep in mind here at Ozetel is that we must be available to you when you need to speak with us. It is our mission to ensure that whenever you need us, we will not only be available but we will make it as easy as possible for you to contact us - and FREE where at all possible.

Our customers can contact us in a myriad of ways now - these include; - calling us on 1300 OZETEL (693835),
- using click to call for us to call you immediately,
- our Live Chat service shown on the bottom of the site. We will chat immediately with you,
- email us and we will contact you.

We use the services that we sell and that shows that we are committed to our product.

We have invested a lot of time in to creating the website and hope that most questions are answered within the content. However, we understand that this industry is complicated, especially the 1300, 1800 number networks, and that there will need to be some specific explaining of how things work. Hence, we understand it is very important for our team to be available to answer questions. If you cannot find the specific answer from the site then we want to know that you are able to get hold of us to get answers, fast!

That is why we have all of these different contacting methods available for you. Feel free to use them and get a hold of us as soon as you need to. We have a very well trained team who can answer any question you may have.

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