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Click to Call service - turn your website into a phone!

You invest large sums of money in building a website and it can be the shop front of your business. It is the step between you and your customer. Allowing the visitors to easily contact you is imperative. Give your customers a free and simple way of speaking with you by placing an Ozetel click to call service on your website.

The service is flexible allowing you to design your own graphical images, is simple to install and will enhance your site, giving you the edge on your competition. Sign Up now for a call me now button that will make your website call your customer!

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Turn a visitor into a sale!

Using Click To Call technology, can enhance your business and internet brand;

  • 1. You get a FREE and INSTANT way for a visitor to speak with you. You have probably spent alot of money on your website, so ensure you get the return,
  • 2. It's easy to install and immediately active to visitors,
  • 3. You are giving your website a voice and creating customer/supplier trust.
TRY our service to the right - we would love to speak with you.

The powerful features of the Ozetel Click To Call include:

  • 1. Leading edge online reporting for measuring usage,
  • 2. Reverse call order, allowing you to choose whether the service calls you or the visitor first - also includes audio announcement,
  • 3. Time-based routing for daily control,
  • 4. International services available,
  • 5. Online configuration tool,
  • 6. Option to bar mobiles,
  • 7. Block/Allow IP addresses and Phone Numbers.
You don't need to be a web designer - Installing is Easy!

  • 1. Sign Up and receive your specialised scripts and Click To Call code,
  • 2. Upload the script to your website,
  • 3. Place the Click To Call code and your custom made images into the relevant webiste pages.

Contact the Ozetel team if you require any assistance.

There are 2 Calls made in a Click To Call.

Once the visitor has entered a phone number and pressed the Call Me button:

  • 1. Your website calls you, alerting you to an interested customer,
  • 2. THEN, you hear ringing as your website calls your visitor,
  • 3. The visitor picks up, the calls are connected & you make the sale!
After the call is completed, we send an email showing time and date, IP address, phone numbers called and more.

Rest assured - we have that covered.

The Ozetel Click To Call service has built in security including carefully encrptyed scripting of files and codes.

Automated black listing of both IP addresses and visitor phone numbers is an available option. If either is used more then twice in a 24 hour period, the platform will block any further click to call attempts.Alternatively, the grey Listing control, allows you to authorise IP addresses and phone numbers for testing.

All web call attempts must first be successfully authenticated by the Ozetel billing and provisioning platform.