Consumer Code

Critical Information Summaries


Invoicing Procedures

Billing Cycle

Ozetel creates invoices on a monthly basis "in arrears". This means that, you will be invoiced for the current month service charges in the following month. The following are the dates of the billing cycle for all Ozetel services;

Create Invoices - The 3rd Day of each month,

Run Direct Debit Processing - The 15th day of each month (following the invoice issue as mentioned above),

Our invoicing process is based solely on delivery of the .pdf invoice by email. It is imperative that clients maintain a valid email address at all times and advise the team if an email address changes or needs to be updated.

The Payment Process

As mentioned above, direct debits will be run each month at a set time and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure available funds are present and clear for the designated direct debit run dates.

Dishonour Charges - Ozetel reserves the right to charge a $5 dishonour fee where direct debits are rejected by client's banks. We charge this minimal fee as a cover of any charges passed on to us and to recoup the cost of administration.

Direct Debit Charges - We absorb any fees charged to us for bank accounts so clients using a bank account for the Ozetel Direct Debit process, receive this free of charge.

Clients who use a credit card for payments of their service charges will have the 2.2% merchant fee added to the following month's invoice. Ozetel simply passes on the charge we incur.

The debt recovery process is as follows;

Dishonour Notifications - Between the 18th and 20th day of each month,

Suspension Notiications - Between the 25th and 27th day of each month,

Action to Suspend Services for Unpaid Account - 5 business days following delivery of Suspension Notifications.

The Ozetel MyAccount Portal is the Ozetel control panel for all clients and allows customers to see previous month's invoices, outstanding amounts and make payments online. You can also contact the Ozetel team on 1300 OZETEL (693835) at any time with any questions you may have.

Spend Management

Estimating Usage

1300/1800 Usage Calculator

Live Answer Usage Calculator

Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship Policy

Financial Hardship Defined

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code C628:2012 defines Financial Hardship as a situation where a customer is unable to discharge of the financial obligations in relation to our services but where the customer expects to be able to do so over time if payment arrangements are changed.

How financial hardship arises

We understand that financial situations change and life situations can create hardship in a multitude of ways, some unforeseen. Hardship can result from some of the following;

- Loss of employment,
- Family breakdown,
- Illness including physical incapacity, hospitalisation, or mental illness,
- A death in the family,
- Use of the service by a third party leaving the customer unable to pay the account,
- Natural Disaster.

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us if you experience any difficulties paying our service charges. Please contact us by calling 1300 OZETEL (693835) if you would like to discuss any Financial Hardship matters with us. You can do so during these time frames;

Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm

In addition, you can contact us by emailing to at any time and we will review your correspondence at the earliest possible convenience.
Ozetel management ensures that your private situation and financial position will be kept confidential.

The Process

When assessing your eligibility for Financial Hardship for your services with Ozetel Pty Ltd, we may ask you to provide certain documents such as;

1. A statutory declaration or official written communication from a person or support group that is familiar with your circumstances,
2. Evidence that you consulted a recognised financial counsellor,
3. A statement of your financial position.

We may not be able to make an assessment of your circumstances if you do not provide us with the requested information. We may use the information you provide as well as other information available to us. Once we received all required information, we will let you know within 7 working days whether you are eligible for assistance under our Financial Hardship Policy.

If you are eligible, Ozetel management will work with you to come to an arrangement that allows you to pay your outstanding charges in a way that does not worsen your financial position. Where appropriate, we will discuss with you, ways how to limit your spend (this may include barring some service features) during the time of our arrangement and thereafter. Once we come to an agreement we will put this in writing via letter or email to you. You must inform us if your circumstances change (for better or for worse) during our arrangement.

We will not charge you for assessing your Financial Hardship circumstances or for administering the matter.

Finding a Financial Counsellor

You can talk to a financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by ringing 1800 007 007 (minimum opening hours are 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday). This number will automatically switch through to the service in the State or Territory closest to you.

Alternatively, you can find the financial counselling service nearest to you by visiting this link we have provided for you - Find A Counsellor Online


Complaints Resolution Policy


Ozetel Pty Ltd encourages the right to freedom of speech and acknowledge that our clients have the right to complain in the event that we have not provided the expectant level of service, and if you do we will deal with your complaint in a fair, efficient, objective manner. We wish to ensure you that we will maintain a transparent yet respectful process. Our aim is to solve any problems you may have, during your first contact with us, to the best of our ability.

Although this matter is primarily extremely important to us and the longevity of our relationships with our clients, we also ensure our complaint handling process complies with the requirements of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code C628:2012 (TCP Code). Responsibility for compliance with the complaints handling process lies with the managing director of Ozetel Pty Ltd even in the event duties for the process are delegated to relevant team members.

Complaint Handling is FREE of Charge

In most cases, complaint handling can be resolved free of any charges, and we commit to that outcome where at all possible. We ask that fairness exist on both sides of the discussion and that if fees result as a consequence of our customers actions, that responsibility be taken. If charges exist, we commit to advising you first and include this in the open discussion. We may charge you to recover costs in very specific circumstances;

- We may charge where are required to obtain information beyond our archiving structure, which generally is a 12 month period, or
- Where you request information that is not free of charge as per our Critical Information Summary for that associated service, or
- Where external parties such as banks or upstream carriers charge us fees that are determined to be as a consequence of our clients actions.

We reiterate, that if cost recovery charges apply, we will advise you before charging you (and you may of course choose not to pay and discontinue your complaint). This document will also include additional avenues of dispute, namely the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

How to Make A Complaint

If you wish to complain, please contact us by one of the following means;

Ph: 1300 OZETEL (693835)
Fx: 1800 OZETEL (693835)
Wb: (/contact OR Live Chat Online OR Click to Call Online)
Ad: Ozetel Pty Ltd, PO Box 4103 Springfield QLD 4300.

Please ensure that you have your Customer ID available or noted on any correspondence to us. The number begins with 1000 followed by 6 additional digits, and can be found on your invoice from us in the top right corner. We will require suitable identification to proceed for privacy reasons and to protect your account.

If you are calling us on 1300 OZETEL (693835), from a landline, your call is generally a once off toll of 25c although this may vary slightly depending on your carrier. Note: calling us from a mobile may be more expensive again depending on your mobile phone carrier.

Where at all possible, and to the best of our capabilities, Ozetel Pty Ltd commits to assisting you with the lodgement of your complaint if you it is something you require from us. In addition, you can choose to appoint an Authorised Representative to make a complaint on your behalf. For help with how to appoint an authorised representative, please go see the next topic within this Consumer Code section called 'Authorised Representatives'.

Our Commitment to You


We will acknowledge your complaint immediately if you complained in person or have made contact via phone conversation, and within 2 working days if you have lodged your complaint through the other paths as mentioned above.

When we acknowledge your complaint we will give you a unique reference number to enable you to follow up on your complaint. We will also give you an indicative time frame for resolving your complaint. You can follow up on your complaint by using one of the paths of access mentioned above.


As mentioned, our highest goal is to always resolve the dispute during the initial contact you have made with us. Of course, this is not always possible for many reasons including the need for time to research and investigate. Obtaining relevant information to solve the complaint is of paramount importance and we ask you be available to assist us also with this.

Our goal is to come to an agreement with you on how to resolve the complaint (this may or may not involve the waiving of fees or other commercial solutions), and we commit to advising you of the proposed solution within a 7 working day period of the initial receipt of your complaint. At this point, please advise us if you wish to have this information provided in writing.

If in the unlikely event, we find that the resolution will take more then 7 working days, our commitment is to advise as to the expected time frame and reasons for the extra requirement of time. In addition, if the delay mentioned above is more then an extra 10 working days, and is not the result of a Mass Service Disruption, we will also inform you about your options for external dispute resolution such as the TIO.


Once we have come to agreement with you on the way the complaint is to be resolved, we commit to implementing all actions required to fix the issues within the time frame agreed to. We advise that in the event that a customer has hindered the process by way of lack of action on their side, we reserve the right to begin the process over and can not be held responsible for not meeting resolution deadlines.

Urgent Complaints

Your complaint will be treated as urgent;

- If you have applied for being in financial hardship under our Financial Hardship Policy, (please see the information contained within the Financial Hardship section of this Consumer Code page), and the issue you are complaining about directly contributes to the Financial Hardship you are experiencing, or
- If your service has been disconnected or is about to be disconnected and due process has not been followed, or
- If you are receiving Priority Assistance (e.g. because of a severe medical condition) for the service you are complaining about. In this case we will agree with you on how to address the issue and implement all required actions to fix the issue within 2 working days. If there is a delay, we will explain why, provide you with a new expected time frame, and if it is a longer delay also inform you about your options for external dispute resolution such as the TIO.

External Dispute Resolution

In the event that you have not been satisfied with the complaint resolution process or the time frames, please speak with us, as it is very important to the management of Ozetel Pty Ltd, However, we understand that sometimes resolution requires additional assistance, often externally. The information below gives you contacts to the industry dispute department known as the TIO and please also note we do not discriminate or effect service connections due to a customer seeking external assistance such as with the TIO. We treat the dispute with utmost importance and will continue to do all we can to resolve any complaints that do end up with the TIO.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

ad: PO Box 276 Collins Street West Vic 8007
ph: 1800 062 058
fx: 1800 630 614
On: Online Complaint Application

Authorised Representatives

When you appoint an Authorised Representative you are giving the person you appoint the authority to deal with us on your behalf as your agent. This is a very important definition that we need to stress you be clear with because this means that the Authorised Representative has the power to act and access information as if they were you.

This includes making complaints, changing account details or terminating a contract. You can of course specify limitations on your Authorised Representative/s, and if you need to do so, please advise these restrictions very clearly in the lodged application for the authorisation of your representative.

Please note that only account holders can appoint an Authorised Representative and if you wish to appoint more than one Authorised Representative, please complete one Authorised Representative Form for each person you wish to appoint. You can appoint up to two Authorised Representatives.

For security reasons we require you to submit the completed Authorised Representative Form to us as a signed original and witnessed by one of the following persons below;

- A Justice of the Peace,
- An Accountant who is a member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants, CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants with 2 or more years of continuous membership,
- A Solicitor or Barrister,
- A Police Officer,
- An agent in charge of, or a permanent employee (with 2 or more years of continuous service) of an Australia Post outlet,
- An officer with, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence, having 2 or more continuous years of service with one or more licensees,
- A Dentist,
- A Pharmacist,
- A Medical Practitioner,
- A Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist.

If you wish to lodge a request to create authorised representative/s on your account with Ozetel Pty Ltd, please complete the Appointment of Authorised Representative Form and return it to us by one of the following;

Fx: 1800 OZETEL (693835), or
Em:, or
Ad: PO Box 4103, Springfield QLD 4300

Please contact us on 1300 OZETEL (693835) if this proves too difficult or inconvenient for you, and we will work with you to find an alternative way of appointing an Authorised Representative.


Networks Used

Ozetel Pty Ltd have existing wholesale relationships with and use the infrastructure and communications networks of;

- M2 Wholesale,
- Optus Wholesale,
- Comvergence Pty Ltd,

These relationships ensure we can deliver quality assured communications to our end customers and confirm that Ozetel Pty Ltd accepts full responsibilty for the services supplied as a result of these wholesale connections. Customers must advise Ozetel Pty Ltd directly if any complaints or issues arise. We use the networks mentioned above for supply of services but have no affiliation with those upstream companies.

Security Tools

Click to Call Security


The Ozetel Click to Call service places the connection between the visitor to a site and the owner of the Click to Call service (Ozetel Pty Ltd customer), on a web form which creates possible misuse by scam parties if security of the service is not considered. For this reason, careful planning was made to secure the service from non-human usage and/or fraudulent activity that could have a detrimental effect on both the customer of Ozetel Pty Ltd and Ozetel Pty Ltd itself.

Security Types

Security was developed over two main facets of the service. The ability to manipulate and utilise these two elements is offered to the owners of the Click to Call service through the online customer control panel and all the relevant notes and instructions on the use of this security can be found inside the secure login to your Ozetel MyAccount Portal

Customers are also encouraged to contact the Ozetel team with any questions they may have about the definition or functions of the elements of the security tools on the Click to Call service, or if they are unsure how to use the tool. Contact can be made by any of the following;

Ph: 1300 OZETEL (693835)
Fx: 1800 OZETEL (693835)
Wb: (/contact OR Live Chat Online OR Click to Call Online)
Ad: Ozetel Pty Ltd, PO Box 4103 Springfield QLD 4300.

IP Address

There is a built in automatic 24 hour black list for any IP that uses the service more than 3 times. The 24 hours starts from the last attempt on the service, which will be listed in the table for the service inside the edit section once you have signed into the MyAccount portal. The hit counter will also be reset when that IP uses the service again.

Phone Numbers

In addition, there is a built in automatic 24 hour black list for any Phone Number that uses the service more than 3 times. The 24 hours starts from the last attempt on the service, which will be listed in the table for the service inside the edit section once you have signed into the MyAccount portal. The hit counter will also be reset when that IP uses the service again.

Manual Controls

As an extra management tool, customers are given the ability to override blacklisted IP addresses and phone numbers in the event that testing is occurring on a service. They can also override the '3 attempts in 24 hours' protocol by manually entering an IP address or phone number which they are aware of and wish to blacklist. The controls and instructions on this tool are also kept inside the MyAccount portal and clear to the user once in the relevant edit section for the Click to Call service.

Security Tool Charges

The security tools for the Click to Call services are provided to the customer FREE of charge and are a full inclusion for the service, online.