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1300 Numbers

What is the difference between a 1300 and 1800 number?

  1300 1800
The Caller A fixed toll, usually 25c but may be higher from a mobile. FREE call if calling from a landline, not a mobile.
The Owner 15 Minutes free talk time IF the caller is local & both parties are on landlines No Free time, all calls charged from the time the call is answered

How can I make changes to my 1300 or 1800 number?

Updates can be made using the Ozetel online management area. Within the account management area, you will be able to edit your services. The Ozetel Team will be notified of the change & will endeavor to have updates completed back to you within an hour. Any changes submitted after hours will be completed the next business day.

Below you can watch step by step videos on how to configure updates to your 1300 or 1800 number service.

Single Answer Point Updates

Complex Routing Updates

How are the ways I can route a 1300?

There are a multitude of ways that the 1300 or 1800 number can be routed depending on your business model.

The options for routing are as follows;

- Single answer point,

- Over flow to multiple answer points,

- Time of day routing,

- Day of week routing (even including public holidays),

- Call splay to different numbers based on a call percentage,

- State based routing,

- Regional area routing,

- Postcode routing,

- Voice recognition delivery and more.

1300 Numbers Routing Options - An Informative Article

1800 Numbers

What is the difference between a 1800 and 1300 number?

1800 1300
The Caller FREE call if calling from a landline, not a mobile. A fixed toll, usually 25c but may be higher from a mobile.
The Owner No Free time, all calls charged from the time the call is answered. 15 Minutes free talk time IF the caller is local & both parties are on landlines.

Why would a business choose a 1800 number?

Firstly, the 1800 number is deemed as a toll free number to the caller, hence it is a benefit if you want to present to your market as a Free call. In addition, you as the owner, do no get free time for local calls like you will on a 1300 number, so you would also choose the 1800 if you have predominantly national customers.

Is a 1800 also a Free call from a mobile?

No, mobile carriers in Australia will charge your callers a per minute rate to call an Australian 1800 Number. The actual rate will depend on the carrier they are with. This is a hot topic in the Telecommunications industry because the 1800 has been called a "free" call for many years and this is being addressed by many heads of the industry.

13 Numbers

What is the government levy?

The government levy charged only on 13 Numbers in Australia is a premium charged by the government department controlling inbound numbers. It is a monthly fee charged to telecommunication companies like Ozetel that we then pass on to our retail clients.

Smart Numbers

What is a Smart Number?

This is a 13, 1300 or 1800 number that spells a word. For example, 1300 OZETEL is represented by 1300 69 38 35. Callers can use the keypad to enter the number that corresponds to the letter. They are called smart numbers primarily because this is the government auction system where businesses can buy these special numbers at a public auction.

For more information on the auction site, go to the Smartnumbers Auction

How to purchase a Smart Number?

To be eligabe to purchase a smart number through the ACMA you need to become a registered body. To do this you will need to register with the ACMA, they do charge a once off fee to enable you to start the auction process. Alternatively you can have a telco like Ozetel purchase your desired number on your behalf.

Live Answer

Are the calls answered in Australia?

Predominantly, yes. We make all possible attempts to flow calls through our Australian call centre contacts. Surplus calls and late night/very early morning calls may flow over to an offshore call centre. We have found this has given us the best customer service and efficiency of call taking.

Am I charged if the caller doesn’t leave a message?

An "included call" or charged call occurs immediately at the point the call centre operator has picked up and accepted the call. If the caller declines leaving a message, unfortunately, we are still charged by the call centre's and thus we pass on that call cost. We have designed the message in this instance to be delivered to you as a "no message left by caller" notification.

Click to Call

How will the click to call service work for my business?

We have a question back to you for this one - Does your business also have an online presence?

If yes, then Click to Call would be perfect for you. Simply place the code from Ozetel into your website and join the other website owners who are adding a way of converting visitors into sales. With Click to Call installed your website visitors will be able to enter a number in a box on your site, press a button, and receive an immediate, FREE call from you.

Fax to Email

Can I fax out of the fax to email service?

Yes, the Ozetel fax to email service does allow you to send outgoing faxes as follows;

- Firstly you will need to save documents to a .pdf format.

- Once documents are in the correct format, attach the file in a blank email.

- You then address the email to emailtofax@ozetel.com.au.

- The destination fax number is entered into the subject box.

- Then send.

You will instantly receive an email confirmation with the status of your fax.

Are faxes I receive stored somewhere?

Yes, they are stored safely within your online customer management platform, called MyAccount. You can login to your customised platform using the login username and password supplied by the Ozetel team. Please call or email us if you require a copy of this information. Login simply by clicking on the green login button on the top right of this website.

For video instruction on how to access the MyAccount platform and resend faxes you can view the MyAccount tutorial video at OzetelTV

Voice to Email

How does the voice to email service work?

You record your own personal greeting message. Once the caller has heard your greeting, they can leave a message which is sent to your nominated email address as a .wav attachment.

IVR Menu

When should an IVR Menu be used?

An IRV menu option could be used to transfer calls through to different departments or staff members of your company. With the ability to have up to 9 key press options, you can have calls divert to exactly the right place.

Voice Recognition
Postcode Prompter

Can I customise the set up for my franchise?

Yes, we absolutely understand that every franchise is different and may have nuances that differentiate them.

Ozetel has designed and developed the Postcode Prompter technology based on client interaction and feedback. We own the network and have the power to groom it to fit each individual franchise model.

We have made a feature rich system including processes such as postcode splitting, whisper mode announcement, live answering personalised to each franchisee, call recording, specialised reporting and much more.

Speak with one of the Ozetel experts today to get a free consultation or try the demonstration service on 1800 730 339.

Billing Solutions
General Faqs

Can I access a report to show call information?

All accounts have access to reporting information via My Account platform. Information available to you include details such as day & time of call, originating number, duration, cost of calls.

You can also retrieve any missed messages from you live answer service or resend faxes received through the fax to email service.

Below you can watch the My Account tutorial videos for all services.

1300 1800 Reporting

Fax to Email Reporting

Live Answer Reporting

Click to Call Reporting

Voice to Email Reporting

How is my account paid?

Ozetel has an automated billing system. All payments are set up on direct debit from bank account or credit card. On the 3rd of every month you will receive an invoice for the previous month’s service usage. On the 12th of every month the invoice amount will be debited from your nominated account or credit card.