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Want to know more about the Ozetel fax to email services?

Want to save on telephone line rentals, paper and other costs incurred when sending and receiving faxes? Ozetel are proud to introduce the most reliable fax to email service, Australia-wide. Imagine the flexibility of being able to receive important faxes from your clients, anywhere in the world! If you've been using another service or want to see how to send a fax online, let Ozetel show you what we can achieve. Our all-inclusive packages bring together sending and receiving capabilities at a very competitive price.

The convenience and flexibility of receiving faxes to your email account is at your finger tips!

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Included Minutes 30 mins 60 mins 300 mins
Additional Minutes 30 c 25 c 20 c
Fax Formats PDF or TIFF PDF or TIFF PDF or TIFF
Online Access YES YES YES
Simultaneous Faxes YES YES YES
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Common FAQ's
Let us tell you why small business owners are converting their traditional fax service to a new Fax to Email service;

  • 1. NO more line rental,
  • 2. NO more bulky fax machine and paper costs,
  • 3. REAL TIME activations,
  • 4. Online control and management of faxes,
  • 5. Use of any email software to fax out. Yes, email to fax Australia wide is also available!
You will be receiving and sending faxes in 15 minutes;

  • 1. Sign Up and receive your new Fax to Email phone number,
  • 2. Your customers send a fax to this dedicated number, (OR take the extra step and activate a 1800 Number for them to fax to),
  • 3. Ozetel converts the fax to .pdf or .tif and emails this document as an attachment to your nominated email address.
And you can also send a fax from email by emailing a .pdf file to a special email address! Give us a call if you need information on how to send a fax online.

YES, simply create a new email message and follow these steps:

  • 1. The address you email to is emailtofax@ozetel.com.au,
  • 2. Place the destination fax number, (including area code), in the Subject field,
  • 3. Ensure the body of the email is completely blank,
  • 4. Attach the .pdf document you want to fax, and SEND. You will receive a confirmation immediately.
TIP: You must be emailing FROM the email address that you receive faxes to.


We know the faxes you receive can be private and confidential. Both the telecommunications engine room and the send process for Fax to Email have been carefully designed to promote security.

In addition, access to the servers that store your faxes is only possible via your password protected customer login.

If you're totally new to the idea, let us show you how secure and simple receiving or sending a fax online can be!