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Please press 1 for an IVR Menu from Ozetel!

The IVR Menu or Auto Attendant is a must have addition to your business telephony if you require incoming calls to be directed to specific staff or departments. The Ozetel IVR menu is custom built to your requirements and is controlled and owned in house. Your business calls will be delivered to the right people with precision and quality.

The new service menu based call delivery system can be active in a matter of minutes, it can be answer point for your new 1300 or 1800 number and can have your own customised audio greeting and instruction files. Call the Ozetel team now on 1300 OZETEL.

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Common FAQ's
An IVR (Integrated Voice Response) allows you to direct calls efficiently to departments, team members or other segments of your small business.

Also known as an auto attendant, this service allows your callers to be directed to the correct phone number at the press of a key.

For exmaple:
  • Press 1... for Sales,
  • Press 2... for Accounts, or
  • Press 3... for all other enquiries.
The Ozetel IVR Menu features include:

  • 1. Personalised audio with our internal studio production,
  • 2. Real time, online, activations and changes,
  • 3. Detailed reporting,
  • 4. Whisper mode. Every call connected is announced to the answer point,
  • 5. Multi-levels available with fully custom functionality,
  • 6. FREE transfer of calls to Ozetel services such as Live Answer or Voice To Email.
We recommend using this service with a NEW 1300 Number

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your new IVR Menu service:

  • Keypresses. Make a note of how many keypresses you will require. That is, how many departments or team members will you need to include in the IVR Menu?
  • Answer Points. Each keypress will require a destination. This can be a fixed line, a mobile line, an additional IVR level or a separate Ozetel service such as a Live Answer Service,
  • Sound Files. Prepare the scripts for us to professionally record your greeting and whisper mode sound files. There is a charge per file depending on the size of the IVR Menu audios required.
Yes, you can - for FREE!

We know it can be helpful to hear a demo, so we have setup a dedicated service for you to try.

Give it a call now, choose a keypress option and speak to the friendly Ozetel team through this demo auto attendant service.

Call Our Demo IVR Menu Service

1800 899 209