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Ozetel offers the most flexible live answering service in Australia.

An automated answering service can turn customers away if they prefer to speak to a live person! Sometimes you need more then an answering machine. Ozetel is proud to offer live answering services at super affordable rates and with the flexibility to suit your specific business needs. Don't miss your valuable customer calls, have the Ozetel call agents take the call for you when you are busy or unavailable.

Our rates start at just $36 per month, and we prove that having a cheap answering service doesn't have to mean cutting corners on professional customer service or communications quality. You can try our demo to hear it for yourself. Live phone answering services are ideal for small businesses that want to give their customers that personal service touch, without having to hire their own extra staff.

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Common FAQ's
Instead of wasting labour hours and investing in training, you can have incoming calls answered by Ozetel's professional staff. Don't let your calls go unanswered.

Using the Ozetel telephone answering service as a front line team is simple and you get these great features;
  • 1. Great Rates, from as low as $49 p/month,
  • 2. Professional Operators in a tier 1 call centre,
  • 3. 24 hours, 7 day a week service in Australia,
  • 4. Effective reporting to measure your investment and monitor message history.
Standard Call Answering - Your front line!

The standard after hours answering service is designed to be a message taking service with a friendly and personal touch. The service works as follows:

  • 1. Professional operators answer your calls with a greeting specified by you,
  • 2. They will then prompt for a contact name, the best contact phone number and take any further details nominated by the caller,
  • 3. Finally, Ozetel will collect all of the relevant message details and promptly email and SMS the message to you, instantly.
Do you need more features? Do you need to customise a script to gather more detailed live answering information? Checkout the Advanced Options.

Advanced Call Answering - Custom made service.

Need a custom service? Here are some advanced features we offer:

  • 1. Multi Question Service, allowing up to 6 custom questions,
  • 2. Multi Action Service allowing up to 20 paths for specific message delivery,
  • 3. The Search Word Service allowing unlimited search words, e.g Suburb Names or Postcodes.
The advanced phone answering service is designed to provide customisation options. Obtain relevant information from your clients with our carefully designed platforms that link to one the dedicated live call answering staff.

We have designed the platforms to be as simple as possible. It's very easy to start using your new business phone answering service. Just follow these 3 quick steps;
  • 1. Sign Up now and receive your new Live Answer phone number,
  • 2. Divert your landline to this new number with Telstra Call Forwarding - Diversion Instructions
  • 3. Relax, if you miss it, we'll answer it!
We also recommend all our customers to use Live Answer as an overflow on your NEW 1300 number

Yes, absolutely!

Tell us the number to be transferred to and the operator will put your caller through, after greeting them.

Keep in mind, the transfer is a live answer "blind" transfer. This means that once the call has been transferred on to an external phone number, we cannot retrieve the call if the external number does not answer.

Speak with the Live Answering service experts today if you require further information.

Yes, you can - and it's FREE!

At Ozetel, we know we've got something to offer over and above any other telephone answering service in Australia. We have set up a dedicated service for you to try before you buy!

Give it a call now to speak to our operators. Please leave your feedback by leaving a message, we value your opinion.

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