Postcode Prompter

The postcode prompter technology - it all starts with your customer!

Ozetel has listened to franchisors over the last 8 years and heard the issues posed including inefficient call routing solutions, quality and service for their franchise telecommunications and the lack of a one-to-one managed technology that was easy to use and accessible.

Enter the postcode dialler platform created by the Ozetel experts to allow mobile and fixed line callers to be correctly each individual franchise store. The Ozetel postcode delivery platform is feature rich including real time changes, reporting precision and relevance, live answering, individual billing, one-to-one management and much much more.

Speak with the Ozetel team now to discuss your custom postcode prompter service needs and get a feel for the power of the Ozetel technology.
Common FAQ's
  • The Postcodes. There are over 3000 postcodes in Australia that you have control over, allowing your business to route every postcode to its individual store phone number. You can "split" postcodes or even include other services to enhance the postcode prompter, such as the Live Answer Service or IVR Menu
  • The Keypress. Your client rings, usually on a 1300/1800 Number, which then lands to our Postcode Prompter network. They will then be prompted by your custom audio, to enter a postcode and be "connected to their closest store".
  • The Management. Business owners will gain one-to-one management with an Ozetel expert.
  • Pricing. We have invested in the technology and network, therefore we will beat any rate! Contact us for More Information.
  • Complete Real-Time Control. The provisioning and maintenance of your platform is fully automated via our in-house billing system,
  • Reporting. Ozetel offers an online reporting platform that will give graphing and data measurements, including successful and unsuccessful calls, monthly trends, keypad statistics, top 10 stores and and much more.
  •
  • Security and Success. Others copy us! Over the last 6 years, we have established ourselves as a highly reputable company. We have invested in the wholesale supplier securing us and our clients,
  • An Expert Team who will assist with implementation and ongoing maintenance of your service. The business relationship is paramount to Ozetel management,
  • The Technology. Granted, it's not new! However, Ozetel has been designing, refining and supplying it for longer then most. We stay up to date with new technology and will continue to enhance our platforms.
Yes, you can - for FREE!

We have setup a dedicated service for you to try.

Give it a call now. When prompted, simply ENTER ANY AUSTRALIAN POSTCODE, and you will be delivered to an Ozetel team member.

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The Postcode Prompter network is a "tried and tested" way to successfully route call traffic to multiple destinations. We supply;

  • Franchises. A great solution for start-up or existing franchises because calls are delivered precisely and measured informatively. Ozetel can even individually bill to franchisees,
  • Phoneword Owners. Postcode Prompters or Voice Recognition, combined with Ozetel Billing Solutions, can make a business out of a Phoneword!