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Ozetel has premium services for Small Business including 1300 Numbers, Fax to Email, Live Answering and more. We are the Telco of choice for franchisors specialising in Postcode Prompter technology, Voice Recognition and Billing Solutions. Click below to learn more.

Small Business

  • 1300 Numbers

    1300 Numbers enhance your sales and give you access to FREE call time.

  • 1800 Numbers

    1800 Numbers give you a toll FREE number for your clients and measure your investment.

  • 13 Numbers

    13 Numbers are a premium numbers with only 4 digits after the prefix.

  • Live Answer

    Don't miss valuable calls. Have a Live Answering professional take your calls.

  • Click to Call

    Make your webiste call your visitors with Ozetel Click To Call.

  • Fax to Email

    Send and receive faxes from your computer instantly, anywhere in the world!

  • Voice to Email

    Voice To Email lets you receive voice messages to your nominated email address.

  • IVR Menu

    IVR Menu's allow efficient call distribution through caller interaction.


  • Voice

    Your callers tell you want they want, saying a suburb or store name to be connected to.

  • Postcode

    Callers enter a postcode to be connected to the nearest store or franchise.

  • Billing

    Individual Billing for franchisors to save on administration and distribute costs efficiently.