Voice Recognition

Voice recognition can change the experience of your caller.

The use of Voice Recognition for delivery of calls will enhance the brand of your business. It has long been considered a leading edge technology in the telecommunications industry but out of the grasp of small business because of cost and access to the "experts" in the field. Look no further for your voice activated telephony solutions. The Ozetel team are approachable and knowledgeable and will have your questions answered before you can say your suburb name! The design team have spent 100's of hours on developing the voice platforms to ensure customer experience and satisfaction.

Give the team a call now to discuss your business profile and call flow.
Common FAQ's
Voice Recognition is cutting edge. Ozetel, has made this technology affordable and accessible to more businesses!

  • The Caller rings, usually a 1300/1800 Number, which lands to our Voice Recognition network. They are prompted to SAY a word and then automatically delivered to the correct destination.
  • The Speech. All suburbs in Australia, (and custom words on demand), will be recognised. Our system has an "intelligence" level allowing us to enhance word librarys and recognition efficiency.
  • The Management. Business owners will gain one-to-one management with an Ozetel expert. The Ozetel Voice Recognition platform is fully maintainable via our in-house billing system.
5 Years of planning & design have given us many features;

  • System Intelligence. Interactive evolution of "word" confidence and a smart state- based library for call origin efficiency,
  • Real-Time Changes. Provisioning is fully automated via our in-house billing system,
  • Reporting. Our web-based reports are informative and give precision measurement to your call traffic.
  • Branded Voice. A complete sound library is installed however, businesses can choose to customise their voice talent,
  • Pricing, because we have invested in the technology and network, Ozetel will offer extremely competitive rates to challenge any carrier, including Telstra! Contact us for More Information.
  • We have established a secure, stable network that is currently supporting many businesses,
  • You will access an Expert Team who will assist with implementation and ongoing maintenance,
  • The Technology. Platforms were designed with the assistance of leading Voice Recognition companies having history in Australia and the United States.
Yes, you can - for FREE!

The Ozetel team will have a discussion with you and organise to set up a dedicated service configured to your specific call flow requirements. You will then be given access to this sample voice recognition platform to test and get a feel for the power of the Ozetel systems.

Give the team at Ozetel a call now and see that the voice prompt platforms are far more accessible and affordable then you may think.

Voice Recognition is such a power tool for routing traffic to multiple answer points. We currently supply to;

  • Franchises. Ozetel has existing Australian and New Zealand franchises ranging from 30 to 250 stores.
  • Phoneword Owners. Voice Recognition or Postcode Prompters, when combined with Ozetel Billing Solutions, can make a business out of a Phoneword!