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Help customers call you from anywhere with one number, nation-wide.

Get a 1300 Number from $15 a month.
One national number

Customers can reach you more easily with the same number, wherever they are.

Local toll rate

Your customers can call you from anywhere for the cost of a local call.

Portable and always yours

Your 1300 number stays with you no matter where you go.

Real-time management

Manage your account quickly and easily with our online portal.

Powerful call handling

Routing from a single destination, location-based, time based and more.

Custom numbers

Make marketing easy. Buy a 1300 number that spells a word.

Want to help your business stand out and make it easier for your customers to connect with you? With 1300 numbers, Australia is only a phone call away.

Get a single, easy-to-remember national phone number for your whole business and simplify how customers talk with you. Enjoy a national reach without costing your customers more – they can call from anywhere in Australia and only pay the cost of a local call.

No Contract
No Set Up Fee
Call Rates
PBX Phone System - 6c per min
Fixed Destination - 10c per min
Mobile Destination - 18c per min
1 Second Increments
Real Time Management
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Connect with your customers. Grow your business.

Get a 1300 number and give your customers the confidence that they can reach your business from wherever they are. And with our call handling features, you can make sure calls go where they should.

Build your brand

A 1300 number is a powerful tool for your business. Build your professional profile, add to your credibility, and simplify your marketing with a single number for all your customers, anywhere in Australia.

Stays with you as you grow

Your 1300 number stays with you no matter where you go. Whether expanding your business operations or relocating, incoming calls won’t ever be interrupted.

Access to Ozetel Hosted PBX

Land your 1300 number into your Ozetel Phone System and save on the incoming call rate.You then also gain access to all of the Hosted PBX functionality such as an IVR Menu, hunt groups, ring groups, time switches and more.

Personalised Phone Words

Want to know how to get a 1300 number that your customers will always remember? Your 1300 number can be customised to spell a word. Boost your marketing and sales quickly and easily with a phone number tailored to your business. These can be purchased outright from the government or leased from an existing Phone Word company that has purchased the number.
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What’s the difference between 1300 and 1800 Numbers?

Both 1300 and 1800 numbers are 'inbound' numbers allowing a business to receive incoming calls. The call routing and handling options are the same for both types of numbers. However, the costs of calls are divided differently between the number owner and the caller.

1300 number call costs are shared. The caller pays a local rate for any call to the 1300 number, and the owner pays a cost based on a per minute rate.

1800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers, are completely free to the caller. The business owner pays the cost of calls on a per minute rate.

To choose the type of number that’s right for you, think about how you want to present to the market.

How much does it cost for customers to call my 1300 Number (Australia)?

Calls to a 1300 Number are defined as local rate calls. The caller will pay a once-off local call cost when calling from a fixed line, generally 25 to 30 cents depending on the carrier.

Many mobile carriers include calls to 1300 numbers in their call plans, however, some may charge a per minute rate.

What types of routing can I do with a 1300 Number?

There are many call handling (routing) options available on a 1300 number – all of which are designed to deliver calls efficiently and to the correct member of your team. Some options include:

  • Single phone number destination
  • State, regional, mobile tower (MOLI) and postcode routing delivery
  • Time Switching, allowing business hours and after hours time rules
  • IVR Menu to guide callers via keypress to the correct destinations
  • Hosted PBX features like Ring Groups for simultaneous calling or Circular Hunt Groups.

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