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A better way to go mobile.

Get a Virtual Mobile Number (Australia).
Easy call handling

Land incoming calls to any destination and manage configurations in real time.

SMS to email

Get SMS sent to your email and easily view your messages online.

SMS from your desktop

Send SMS from the comfort of your desk through your MyAccount online login.

API access

Gain access to the Ozetel SMS API platform for a better digital experience.

Advanced call features

Work smarter with advanced call features like call recording, call blocking and caller ID.

Looking for a way to better connect with your customers while improving the way you do business?

Virtual Mobile Numbers (Australia) are the best of both worlds. Get all the perks of going mobile without the hassle of a SIM. Plus, you get access to a wide range of features that come with Ozetel phone systems.

No Contract
No Set Up Fee
Call Rates
PBX Phone System - FREE
Fixed Destination - 3c per min
Mobile Destination - 8c per min
SMS Rates
Outbound - 8c per SMS
Inbound - 2c per SMS
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No SIM card. No rules.

As part of the Ozetel Phone Number range, Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) offer another local number option to receive incoming calls from your clients, with the added benefit of SMS communications. They help your customers connect with you like a local, while giving you and your team the ability to keep SIM-based personal mobile numbers separate from work.
And just like our Local Numbers (DIDs), incoming calls to a Virtual Mobile Number can be landed to an Ozetel Phone System, existing fixed and mobile lines, or to your own on-site PBX server IP address.
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Corporate reach, a community feel

For many customers, having a mobile number helps them feel more connected to a business – it gives them peace of mind, knowing they have a direct line to get in touch with you and your team. Use Virtual Mobile Numbers to give your business a more personal touch, even while it runs alongside your national numbers like your 1300 number or 1800 number.

Mobile features with even more flexibility

In Australia, Virtual Mobile Numbers do everything your SIM-based mobiles do and more. Incoming calls and SMS flow can be handled by you online. Choose to land incoming SMS to your email, webhook, another mobile or a combination of all these. It’s your business, your way.

Keep personal mobiles private

Mobiles are a great personal device to help your team answer calls wherever they are – and many customers expect a mobile number from their account contact. But expecting your team to answer calls on their personal phone can cause issues. And when team members change, clients lose their contact to your business. Our Virtual Mobile Numbers solve that problem, allowing you to keep personal mobiles separate and provide a better experience for everyone.

Enhanced Phone System features

Like other Ozetel phone numbers, VMN’s give you access to the enterprise features of our Ozetel Phone System. Land calls to PBX extensions, ring groups, IVR menus and more. You can also use the VMN as CLI (calling line identification) on outbound calls from your Phone System.

Privacy features

We understand privacy is important. Given the nature of the content often shared on these numbers, we give you control over the storage and deletion of data. Choose the default deletion settings or set your own limits on how long SMS information is held.
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What are Virtual Mobile Numbers? And how do Virtual Mobile Numbers work?

Virtual Mobile Numbers are just like ordinary mobile numbers except they don’t require a SIM card for the number. A customer can call you just like they would call any other mobile, except the call is then made over the internet using VoIP. That means you can answer it where and how you decide because a call to a Virtual Mobile number can be directed to any device that can make and receive calls.

You also get to choose what you use the number for (i.e. the capabilities of the number). For an Australia Virtual Mobile Number, they can be purely SMS based, allow calls and SMS or even just used as the control point for your own SMS API access.

How can I use a Virtual Mobile Number in my business?

Our customers use Virtual Mobile Numbers in many ways to give their phone system the flexibility and security that suits their business. This includes:

  • Two Factor Authentication – give your team access to two factor authentication without needing to use their personal mobiles.
  • Ownership of number – Sales Force Teams can keep mobile numbers if staff leave because these virtual numbers can easily be transferred to new team members.

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