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Getting connected and staying connected shouldn’t be a hassle or cost the earth. That’s why, as trusted business NBN providers, we offer quality internet at affordable prices, and the support of a local leader in phone services and communications.

Get more out of your NBN for less.

Simple solutions

We’re here to make doing business easy. Let us solve the complexities of NBN services for you – from choice of plan to device configurations and porting numbers to make sure your existing numbers are safe.

Fast and reliable

In an online world, reliable internet is a must-have for any business looking to stay ahead of their competition. Our NBN services provide fast, business critical connections – giving your business the online advantage. 

A price you can afford

With 20 years in this industry under our belt, we have a long list of the best suppliers who offer quality at affordable prices. So, we pass these savings on to you. Choose our Bundled features and add on other quality services for an even cheaper price.

No lock in contract*

We don’t need to lock you in with long-term contracts to keep you as a customer. We let the quality of our service speak for itself and give you the freedom to choose. Enjoy month to month charges on a prepaid account.
*If you cancel within the first 6 months after activation, an Early Termination Fee of $50 applies.

Designed for business.

Simply connect and go

When it’s time to connect, our plug-and-play modems couldn’t be easier. Simply choose one of our pre-configured modem/routers, plug it into power, connect your devices and start using your NBN service.

Enjoy unlimited data

Say goodbye to data usage shocks and needless worry. All our plans are Unlimited data plans, so you can use the internet as much as you like and know exactly what your cost will be each month.

Get a Static IP

A static IP address ensures your public Internet address doesn't change. Ensure reliable remote access to your internal services, and securely use VPN or other remote access solutions easily.
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Built on quality service.

Support 7 Days a Week

After 20 years in the industry, we understand what our customers need. Enjoy access to local support and get all your questions or concerns answered quickly by an expert in the field.

Safeguard your phone number

We understand your phone number is important to you. When changing or upgrading your broadband service, we’ll assess any risks and advise you of the exact steps to take to safeguard your phone number during the transition.

A better phone service

Say goodbye to old copper lines. Whether you use our bundled phone service or have your own, our NBN services are an excellent choice to give you the stability your business needs.

Flexible pricing plans

We make NBN for small business easy. With plans designed to meet every business need, simply click and select what’s right for you.


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Pick your plan

Choose the internet speed that is right for your business.

NBN 25/5
Typical Speeds
23/7 Mbps
NBN 50/20
Typical Speeds
48/16 Mbps
NBN 100/40
Typical Speeds
98/33 Mbps
NBN 250/25
Typical Speeds
240/20 Mbps

Pick your modem

Get ready to connect instantly. Our modem/routers are pre-configured specifically for your NBN service type, so they’re set up for you to simply connect and use.

No modem
*This option assumes you have a compatible NBN modem/router for your NBN service type. You may need to contact our support team for configuration settings prior to connection day.
Netcomm NF20MESH
NBN Business
$239+ postage
Powerful business grade smart gateway with MESH and Wifi 6, this modem/router will create a solid NBN service for any business.
Suitable for all NBN connection types.
Netcomm NL19MESH
Hybrid SIM Failover
$269+ postage
An extra step up, this modem/router offers failover capabilities using an Ozetel 4G Sim service. It's a business solution for those wanting continuous service on a professional broadband solution.
Suitable for all NBN connection types.

Bundle your phone system

Your internet will soon be completed. Ready for a fully featured PBX Phone System? You can bring your own handset or configure a new Ozetel Phone System.

Own handset*
(Call pack only & No Support on Handsets)
$12 Unlimited calls to Standard National and Mobile destinations
Choose a new PBX Phone System*
(Fully Featured & Fully Supported)
We will direct you through to the Phone System set up after your NBN service is set up.
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Which NBN Plan do I need?

The plan you choose will depend on your internet use. If you run multiple web-based applications or regularly stream video or audio, you may need to consider a larger plan. If you’re a light email and internet user, then you will likely only need smaller plan speeds. A recommended average size plan is 50/20 Mbps.

What speeds will I get on the NBN?

Australian NBN speeds can vary based on several factors – some you can control and others you can’t, as they are inherent to the NBN delivery.

Speed factors you can control include hardware devices (such as modems or routers), the age of your equipment connecting to the internet, the time of day you use the internet, the number of users and your relevant plan speed choice.

Speed factors inherent to the NBN service include the technology used in your area, how far you are from endpoints (nodes), and the age and condition of existing cabling used in your area.

Will I be charged a fee for connecting my NBN?

No, we don’t charge any connection fee on your new service activation.

However, if you are the first NBN connection in your area, NBN does enforce a once off charge for that service. It happens once only and can affect anyone who activates the first connection. If this applies to your connection, we’ll be advised of that situation and will let you know.

Will I be charged a fee for cancelling my NBN?

There is an Early Termination Charge of $50 if you cancel your new service within the first 6 months of NBN service activation. If you cancel your service after 6 months, there is no charge.

Can I use my own modem?

Yes, but it needs to be compatible with your NBN Service Type as well as capable of handling your business requirements:

  • FTTC and FTTN NBN services require a VDSL2+ compatible modem.
  • HFC or FTTP services require a WAN port on your device.

If you’re using a modem/router issued to you by another carrier, you should check it’s not locked to that carrier with preset configurations that will interrupt connection to your Ozetel NBN service.

If you’re not sure if your modem is suitable, talk to us and we can help. We can also supply pre-configured modem/routers ready to plug and play.

What is a Static IP?

Your NBN service has its own internet presence identified by an IP Address. NBN services can maintain a static IP address where the IP always stays the same through service reboots or outages. This is important when you require the same IP for web logins, or to network devices that require a public IP address for authentication.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, you can. We can manage that for you during your NBN activation.

If your existing copper phone line infrastructure is required for delivery of the NBN service (FTTN or FTTC), you’ll need to manage the ‘separation’ of the phone number from the copper line prior to activation of the NBN service to ensure the same phone number is retained.

What are the different types of NBN Services?

There are 5 types of fixed line connections. The different technologies largely depend on the infrastructure used or available to deliver the service to your premises.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Fibre optic cabling is run all the way into your premises, from a nearby fibre node. This type of delivery requires an NBN Co technician to visit your premises and install a Network Termination Device (NTD). That is the end point of NBN delivery, which is then connected to your router by a standard ethernet cable.

Modem / Router Requirement: Router with WAN port

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Fibre to the Building (FTTB)

This technology was designed to incorporate Australian apartment living, bringing fibre into a building’s centralised communications room which would then supply the NBN service to multiple tenants. Fibre optic cabling is terminated in the building’s communications room and then the existing cabling within the building runs to each of the end customers.

Modem / Router Requirement: Modem with VDSL2+ compatibility

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Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)

NBN Co lays fibre optic cabling to a nearby street pit into a Distribution Point Unit (DPU). The delivery is finished using existing copper lines into the premises, the existing infrastructure that would have been used for your phone line and/or ADSL service. An NBN technician will need to visit your premises and install the relevant NBN device.

Modem / Router Requirement: Router with WAN port

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Fibre to the Node (FTTN)

Fibre optic cabling is run by the NBN Co team to an existing telephone node (usually a street cabinet). Connection into the premises is done using the existing copper line that runs to a phone socket inside your premises. Your modem is then connected to the telephone socket.

Modem / Router Requirement: Modem with VDSL2+ compatibility

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Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)

This service type was introduced to again use existing cabling (in this case, an existing Pay TV or cable network Coaxial cable) to complete the delivery of the NBN internet to the end user. The closest fibre optic end point is used for the HFC delivery and again, will require an NBN technician to install the relevant NBN connection device.

Modem / Router Requirement: Router with WAN port

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