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Hosted PBX from $10 a month.
Big business features at small business prices.
Bring your phone numbers, safely and securely.
Personal support to make moving to the cloud easy.
Flexible pricing and no lock-in contracts.

A powerful cloud-based phone system to grow your business.

Say goodbye to copper lines and get a hosted PBX business phone system that uses the power of software run securely in the cloud, to provide all your telephony needs and functions.

Freedom and flexibility for all your future needs.

Business calls and more, anywhere

Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based business phone system and keep in touch with your customers wherever you are. Even your messages follow you with Voicemail to Email and Extension Mailbox technology.

Scale easily as your business grows

Plan for growth knowing you have access to unlimited Phone Numbers and Phone System services – making the expansion of your business simple, seamless and cost effective.

Go digital and save

When it comes to your communications costs, internet-based telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a game changer. Avoid costly line rentals and high call rates – we keep the costs down with internet delivery and pass the savings onto you.

Skip the hassle of contracts

We don’t lock you into contracts because we don’t need to^. We offer a great value service and we’re confident that the quality of your experience will have you coming back month after month.
^ Excludes Live Answer Services – we pass on the contract terms issued to us by the call centre.

All the features, none of the fuss.

Delivering more, whatever your size

Even as a small business, you can enjoy all the features of a big office phone system, without the premium price tag. Our cost-effective cloud-based business Phone Systems offer an extensive range of features, including custom call routing, voicemail to email with transcription, call recording and DTMF key press interactive actions.

Safety is our priority

We understand that reliability is a must for your business.. That’s why we’ve got network redundancy built in. Our network infrastructure is housed at NEXT DC Brisbane B2 – a tier IV certified Data Centre providing Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) including:
100% uptime (through complete fault tolerance)
Electronic enforced entry and rack locking
24/7 access to onsite experts

Keeping your data secure

Your data is our priority. We maintain onsite and off-site back up of our systems and data including hourly, daily and weekly backups and replication components. And it's all supported by the best hardware and software.
DELL rack servers and redundant Cisco switches safeguard against unexpected equipment failures.
Virtual hardware powered by VMWare, the industry leader in hypervisors.
An architect building a small scale model
A female small business owner on the phone while working on her laptop

Premium service, local support.

Expert support when you need it

We’ve spent 20 years in the industry supporting small to medium businesses because even the smartest technology still requires a human touch. We’re here to support you through change and give you the answers you need, fast.

Every detail considered, at every step

Being prepared is essential in business, especially when converting or transferring phone numbers and NBN services. We take the time to do it right, carefully assessing all of your needs at every step  and going the extra mile, so the end result is fast, seamless and efficient.

Local understanding

We’re proudly a local business. We understand the needs of small and medium size businesses because we’re one ourselves. We keep our finger on the pulse, looking for new opportunities to help you grow. And we value our customers because we only succeed if you do. 

The tools you need to do what you do best.

Packed with features, our robust and secure business phone systems in Australia are perfect for growing small and medium businesses. We make your communications easy so you can focus on what you do best.

Ring Groups

Simultaneously ring a group of users until one of them answers.

Hunt Groups

Incoming calls overflow through fixed or circular call lists until they’re answered.

Call Transfer

Attended or Blind transfer of calls from reception to team members.

Call Parking

Park a call & any user can pick it up as an alternative to transfer.

Group Pickup

A quick way for any user to pick up an incoming call to the system.

Portal Control

Manage call flows, view usage & add services online.

IVR Keypress

Deliver calls to the right person. Easy to add & manage.


Voicemail to Email or PBX extension mailboxes.

Line Monitor

See if users are on a call before transferring.

Music on Hold

Custom music for held calls or advertising audios.

Ozetel portal dashboard on an iPadOzetel portal dashboard on an iPad

Complete control at your fingertips.

We put you in the driver’s seat. Login to your online portal for management of services, view and manage your account and see real time call flow usage at a glance.

PBX Extensions – Call Reporting

View call calls to all extensions or drill down further into each individual user PBX extension.

View calls for past months and easily search for calls to or from specific numbers, or at specific times.

View graphs of call volume, duration and cost for a visual overview.

Hosted PBX Management

See all components of your Hosted PBX Phone System in one place.

Create / View components or upload audios.

Easily accessible and manageable in real time.

Flexible pricing plans

With plans designed to meet every business need, getting started is as easy as–


Pick your plan

Included Calls
Starter - 1 User
1 Local number
1 PBX extension
Fully featured PBX
Call Rates
Local - included
National - included
Mobile - included
13/1300 - 35c per call
Free set up
Add Users
Pro - 5 Users
5 Local number
5 PBX extension
Fully featured PBX
Call Rates
Local - included
National - included
Mobile - included
13/1300 - 25c per call
Free set up
Add Users
Pay as you go
Starter - 1 User
1 Local number
1 PBX extension
Fully featured PBX
Call Rates
Local - 10c per call
National - 10c per call
Mobile - 10c per min
13/1300 - 25c per call
Free set up
Add Users
Pro - 5 Users
5 Local number
5 PBX extension
Fully featured PBX
Call Rates
Local - 9c per call
National - 9c per call
Mobile - 9c per min
13/1300 - 25c per call
Free set up
Add Users

Pick your hardware

Softphone PC or Mobile
W76P Phone System
Yealink W56H
T43U Phone System
Yealink T43U
T53 Phone System
Yealink T53U
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What is a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Hosted PBX is cloud-based phone switching code that is hosted by a service provider.

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that allows phone calls to be switched between different local lines within an organisation. These local lines share an external phone line (or a number of them) to make and receive public phone calls via the public switched telephone network (or PSTN – copper line telephone numbers). The term PBX comes from a time when telephone operators would manually switch lines to connect callers.

Traditional or on-premises PBX are analog systems that require their own hardware that an organisation is responsible for maintaining.

Hosted PBX, however, is an online system where phone services are run over the internet (you may know this as VoIP). Public phone numbers (like 1300/1800 numbers or Local Numbers) connect through your service provider's cloud-based PBX phone system (digital technology), hosted on data centre servers.

Hosted systems like ours allow unlimited businesses to access the same PBX services rather than having to manage their own local equipment. We are responsible for both its upkeep and improvements. And because it uses digital coded technology, any improvements can be immediately passed on to our customer.

The code-based Phone System that runs the Hosted PBX includes all of the features you need to communicate with your clients, such as IVR Menu (keypress service), Ring Groups, Monitoring Lines, Call Transfer, Music on Hold, Voicemail and so much more.

What about copper lines? Are they being removed?

Yes, typically copper-based infrastructure is being removed about 18 months after the NBN services are made available to your area.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes, you sure can. We understand your existing phone numbers are important to your business. They can be transferred on to your Ozetel account either prior to or during the process of bringing existing NBN services and configuring the new Phone System.

However, it is possible that you may not require all of your existing phone numbers on your new phone system, and we will work with you to explore your set-up (for example, if a Phone Number is used for an existing internet connection) and to establish your future needs. Talk to us about taking the Phone System Implementation Questionnaire.

Which device should I choose for my Phone System?

There are a number of different devices that you can use with your Hosted PBX Phone System. It’s important to use a device that best suits your business needs. To help you choose, you should understand the specific advantages of each type of device.

Features Affected
Desktop Handset
No, Fixed to Location
No (Unless > 7 Lines)
Handsfree Handset
Yes, (Sight of Base)
Partial, BLF & Transfer
Softphone Application
Yes, Any Location
Partial, BLF & Transfer

You should consider the requirements of your Phone System, including number of users, mobility requirements and call routing. If you’re not sure what might be right for your business, get in touch and one of our friendly team members would be happy to help.

What happens if my NBN goes down?

Planned maintenance or unforeseen incidents from time to time may cause an NBN outage that affect your service.

Unfortunately, if there’s no internet service, your handset extensions will deregister and stop working. However, you can take steps to reduce interruptions to your phone services. Modems with a 4G/5G mobile data backup feature can be added to your phone system or you can set up your Phone System with an overflow to mobile phones during an outage. Talk to us about how we can help you set this up during your Phone System set up.

Want to know more or have some questions?

No problems, as expert business NBN providers, our friendly team is here to help.