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Local Numbers - Direct Inward Dialing

Local phone numbers for local service.

Get connected with Direct Inward Dialing (DID).
Monitor calls

Improve customer experience with Call Recording.

Hosted PBX Features

Land calls to any of the Phone System features.

Stay in control

Make changes in real-time with online routing management.

Announce inbound calls 

Use Whisper Mode to know which line is called.

Personalise greetings

Play audio marketing to all incoming calls.

Stop unwanted calls

Block specific call origins, call types or nuisance callers.

In a global market, customers value a local touch.

With a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) local phone number, you make it easy and affordable for customers to reach you – whether you’re just down the road or across the country.

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Open up new opportunities.

Local Numbers, often referred to as DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing), are a front door to your business. Using a local number helps customers find you, and it helps you direct and track their calls so you can service them better.
All with an improved control of inbound call flow – land calls into destinations like Phone System features, existing fixed & mobile lines, or to an existing on-site PBX server IP address.

Build a local presence

Your phone number is literally your calling card. Establish a local presence in specific regions of Australia and never miss an opportunity. With local numbers in different areas, your business will appear more accessible and familiar to customers in those regions, helping you improve their engagement and grow their trust.

Targeted marketing

Want to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Using designated Local Numbers across your online or print activities is an easy and cost-effective way to track your success and gather valuable data to help inform your marketing budget.

More returned calls

Local Number DID’s can be used as CLI (calling line identification) on outbound calls made on Ozetel Phone System PBX extensions. Identifying your number helps customers return your calls and get through to the right person.

Track your calls

Choose a number in any capital city or region important to your business market and keep an eye on your caller activity. View call usage data, such as call volumes, durations and missed calls, online and real time through your MyAccount management login.

DID Local Number Service Plans

1 Number
Call Rates
Fixed lines - 4c per min
Mobiles - 10c per min
PBX features - Free
Free set up
$3.95 p/n
Add numbers
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Most Popular
Office 10
10 Numbers
Call Rates
Fixed lines - 3c per min
Mobiles - 8c per min
PBX features - Free
Free set up
$2.95 p/n
Add numbers
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Call Tracker 50
50 Numbers
Call Rates
Fixed lines - 2.5c per min
Mobiles - 7c per min
PBX features - Free
Free set up
$2.00 p/n
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How much do Local Number calls cost?

The owner of a Direct Inward Dialing number (Local Phone Number) pays a monthly charge per number and a call charge per minute, based on where the incoming call is landed.

Callers pay a call charge to their carrier based on that carrier’s pricing. This could vary from being free if within a monthly plan, to a per min rate, or a cost per call.

What is the new Private Caller ID legislation?

In July 2022, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the government department managing phone numbers, introduced new legislation to stop calling by scammers attempting to acquire personal or financial information to commit fraudulent activities.

The new code includes rules to improve accurately identify a caller and prevent ID spoofing (the hiding of true caller ID). The legislation places obligations on carriers and carriage service providers to identify, trace and block SMS scams and scam calls. Learn more on the ACMA website.

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