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SIP Trunking

Have your own on-site Hosted PBX?

Connect to the world with SIP Trunking.
Inbound and Outbound

Land incoming calls to your onsite servers.

Online management

Trunk Configuration & PBX Feature controls.

Codec HD Voice

G.711, G.722, G.729 with failover.

Local support

Fast and focused Australian support.

Keep your number

Easily bring your existing phone numbers with you.

Save money

Avoid expensive copper phone line rentals.

Frustrated by a phone system not performing the way you need it to? Struggling to find a solution that works for you?

Ozetel SIP Trunking allows savvy business owners to manage their own phone system on site and use our connections to make phone calls out to the public telephone network.

Register your handsets locally, build your own features and then rely on our secure and trusted major carrier connections to make calls out from your site to your customers and suppliers.

And with our ‘route to IP’ call routing feature you can also land incoming calls to your on-site Phone System by bringing your existing phone numbers to your Ozetel account.

Trusted. Reliable. Scalable.

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.

Set up is fast and secure

Connections are locked to your supplied IP address for authentication and our network infrastructure has been secured with up-to-date firewall and networking procedures.

Assisted implementations

Let us help with your SIP Trunk implementation. Our expert team can work with you to complete testing and implementation with your PBX software, including:

Redundancy for better uptime

Calls are made via Ozetel Tier IV data centre connections. As with our Hosted PBX code generally, SIP Trunking related code and data is backed up regularly. We have multiple carrier connections in place to ensure uptime for your trunking is maximised.

API access safeguard

In addition to our internal failover policy for outgoing calls from your servers, you’ll also have documented secure access via API to call routes required on incoming calls in the event of a failure of your voice servers.

SIP Trunk Australia Channel Based Plans

1 Channel Free Incoming
Call Rates
Local - 12c per call
National - 12c per call
Mobile - 10c per min
13/1300 - 30c per call
Free set up
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Most Popular
10 Channel Free Incoming
Call Rates
Local - 10c per call
National - 10c per call
Mobile - 9c per min
13/1300 - 28c per call
Free set up
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50 Channel Free Incoming
Call Rates
Local - 9c per call
National - 9c per call
Mobile - 8c per min
13/1300 - 25c per call
Free set up
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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking refers to the use of a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish and manage phone connections over the internet between your private branch exchange (PBX) and your SIP Trunk provider’s network infrastructure. These connections create the bridge between your business phones and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) without the need for costly traditional phone lines.

Are there backup options if our on-site servers go down?

Yes, with our API connections, you can set an automated failover of incoming call routing to alternate phone number destinations.

If your NBN service is also with us, we have options for our customers to purchase a modem/router with built in backup4G mobile data service.

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