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IVR Systems

Connect your customers quickly and easily.

Use an IVR system to automate your call delivery.
Effortless and efficient

Direct your incoming calls to the best destination.

Hosted PBX features

Land key presses to any of the CLOUD PBX features.

Stay in control

Make changes in real-time with online routing management.

Improved customer experience

Reduce wait times and build your brand with customised audio.

Know your business

Get analytics of call volumes, durations and outcomes.

Stop unwanted calls

Block specific call origins, call types or nuisance callers.

Be supported by a phone IVR system that delivers for you – and your customers.

Our Integrated Voice Response (IVR) menu service is an automated prompting system that allows your callers to connect with the right person, every time, simply by pressing a key on their phone keypad.

Free with 1300/1800
No contract
No setup fee
Call Rates
PBX phone system - Free
Fixed destination - 3c per min
Mobile destination - 10c per min
1 Second increments
Real time management
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Work smarter, not harder.

Deliver a better customer experience while saving time and money with a customisable automated phone system. Never miss a call, streamline your call operations and empower your customers to reach who they need, easily and efficiently.

Connect locally with our Postcode Prompter

Keep a local connection even with a national presence. With our custom Postcode Prompter, callers can reach their closest store simply by entering their postcode into their telephone keypad. It’s a great tool for franchisors around Australia to route calls nationally to relevant store locations.

Personalise your menu recordings

Give your business the edge with personal audio files. Our voice talents can record your customised greetings, or you can choose to record your own voice and upload into our online IVR phone system platform.
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What is the purpose of an IVR Menu?

An IVR menu service is an automated phone system where callers interact with a computerised menu to navigate through different options and complete specific tasks. They allow callers to self-manage navigation to relevant departments or team members and create efficient call flows for your organisation.

How does IVR Menu service work?

An automated IVR system provides customers with a pre-recorded menu of options. Customers make a selection using their phone's keypad and, based on their response, the system automatically routes their call or prompts them with another pre-recorded menu of options.

What happens if callers don’t enter a valid response?

We understand the customer experience is always important. When a bad keypress or timeout occurs, you can set custom audios to explain the next action that can be taken by the caller.

Can I set up a stand-alone IVR Menu?

Yes, you can. First, you will need to purchase a Local Number so that your existing phone numbers with another carrier can land into the Ozetel network. Then, that local number will need to be pointed at the IVR Menu.

Can I have more than one level of IVR Menus?

Yes, you can. Rather than routing the caller to speak to someone, key presses can be directed to a sub-level IVR with new menu options. You can have as many sub-levels as you like although the best IVR systems are quick and easy to navigate. We recommend you keep it as simple as possible for a better overall customer experience.

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