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1800 Numbers Australia

Free calls from anywhere. It’s simply a better way to do business.

Get a 1800 Number from $15 a month.
Toll Free

Your customers can call you from anywhere in Australia and it won’t cost them a cent.

One national number

Customers can reach you more easily with the same number, wherever they are.

Portable and always yours

Completely transferrable, your 1800 number stays with you no matter where you go.

Real-time management

Managing your account is at your fingertips with our easy online portal.

Easy call handling

Direct incoming calls where you want them with location-based call delivery.

Custom numbers

Buy a 1800 number that spells a word and make your marketing memorable.

Give your customers the power to reach you from anywhere in Australia – free of charge.

With 1800 numbers, Australia customers can call you at no cost to the caller.

No Contract
No Set Up Fee
Call Rates
PBX Phone System - 6c per min
Fixed Destination - 10c per min
Mobile Destination - 18c per min
1 Second Increments
Real Time Management
Prepaid Account
Try for free

When you’re easy to reach, you reach more customers.

Show your customers their call is important to you by covering the cost of the call. With Ozetel 1800 Numbers, Australia has never been more accessible – and we make it easy to grow your business with a powerful system that helps you work smarter, not harder.

One national number – FREE to call

Forget different numbers in different states or customers not knowing which area code to use. With a 1800 number (Australia), you’ll have one number for the whole country to call your business. Encourage your customers to call without them paying a cent and watch your business grow.

Build your professional reputation

1800 numbers help your business stand out and be remembered. No matter the size of your business, you’ll enjoy the credibility of a brand customers can trust.

Keep your number, wherever you go

Whether you move your business or change providers, your number stays with you. Expand and relocate or enjoy the flexibility to find a better service (if you can) and be confident business changes won’t interrupt incoming calls.

Call handling power to boost business growth

Ozetel 1800 numbers are more than just a phone number, we’ll help you grow your business and adapt your 1800 number as you do. Enjoy our enhanced phone system features including:
efficient management of incoming calls
routing by time of day, IVR Keypress Menu or Voicemail
routing options range from one number destination to postcode routing.

Access to Ozetel Hosted PBX features

Buy a 1800 number and land it into your Ozetel Phone System and save on the incoming rate. You then also gain access to all the Hosted PBX functionality such as an IVR Menu, hunt groups, ring groups, time switches, voicemail and more.

Real-time Management

We make managing your calls easy so you can spend more time on your business. Access your account through our online portal for fast management, anywhere, any time.

Personalised Phone Words

Wondering how to get a 1800 number that can boost your marketing and sales? Try a 1800 number customised to spell a word. Tailor your number to suit your business or industry with a number your customers will never forget. Personalised Phone Words can be purchased outright from the government or leased from an existing Phone Word company that has purchased the
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What’s the difference between 1800 and 1300 Numbers?

Both 1800 and 1300 numbers are ‘inbound’ numbers allowing a business to receive incoming calls. Call handling is the same for both types of numbers. However, the costs of calls are divided differently between the number owner and the caller.

1800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers, are completely free to the caller, although some mobile phone plans may still charge a fee depending on the caller’s provider and plan. Generally, postpaid plans (billed monthly) don’t charge for 1800 numbers although they may be included in monthly usage limits. Some prepaid plans may charge for calls to 1800 numbers.

1300 number call costs are shared. The caller pays a local rate for any call to the 1300 number, and the owner pays a cost based on a per minute rate.

To choose the type of number that’s right for you, think about how you want to present to your market.

What is the cost to a caller ringing my 1800 Number?

Calls to a 1800 Number are defined as toll free calls – the caller pays nothing to call you. In some cases, mobile carriers can charge a per minute rate.

What types of routing can I do with a 1800 Number?

There are many call handling (routing) options available on a 1800 number – all of which are designed to deliver calls efficiently and to the correct member of your team. Some options include:

  • single phone number destination
  • state, regional, mobile tower (MOLI) and postcode routing delivery
  • Time Switching, allowing business hours and after hours time rules
  • IVR Menu to guide callers via keypress to the correct destinations
  • Hosted PBX features like Ring Groups for simultaneous calling or Circular Hunt Groups.
Is there a monthly charge on my account if I do not receive calls to my 1800 Number?

Yes – the accounts with Ozetel are prepaid (unless certain conditions have been met for a postpaid account) meaning the monthly charge for your 1800 number continues until the service is officially cancelled. This fee is required because we are charged by our wholesale supplier even if no calls are received through the 1800 number.

To stop your monthly fee, please cancel your 1800 number service.

Can I bring my number to Ozetel?

Yes – 1800 numbers are portable and can be moved between carriers in Australia – without cost in most cases. You simply require your existing carrier name and account number given to you by that carrier (usually included on a monthly invoice).

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